Addinsoft and LocalSolver® join forces to offer XLOPTIM®, an innovative optimization solver for Microsoft Excel®

The companies Addinsoft and LocalSolver have decided to sign an exclusive partnership in the field of Mathematical Optimization and Operational Research. The objective of the partnership between these two French champions of Artificial Intelligence is to make the power of the LocalSolver mathematical optimization engine available to as many people as possible through Microsoft Excel®. Now engineers and analysts can solve industrial complexity optimization problems without having to write a line of code.

At a time when the needs for data analysis and decision support are developing rapidly, LocalSolver wanted to rely on the know-how of Addinsoft, the publisher of the XLSTAT® software distributed in 120 countries to more than 150,000 users, to integrate its solver into Microsoft Excel®.The goal of this new XLOPTIM® software is to allow engineers and analysts to model their most complex optimization problems directly in Excel®, thanks to the simple installation of an add-in.

XLOPTIM® makes it possible for users to remain focused on the modeling of their problems while utilizing the mathematical functions offered by Microsoft Excel®, without having to write a line of code to solve it. Thanks to simplified ergonomics and step-by-step tutorials, XLOPTIM® aims to democratize this discipline, to facilitate its teaching for all students and to develop its use within organizations to optimize its decisions.

Mathematical Optimization and Operational Research make it possible to solve complex and varied problems, arising within the framework of an effective management of organizations:

  • Dimensioning of the logistic chain
  • Positioning of commercial or logistic sites in a territory
  • Scheduling of production tasks in manufacturing workshops
  • Planning of commercial or distribution tours
  • Optimization of the energy consumption of a factory or a data center
  • Replenishment of stocks in the face of variations in demand
  • Planning of human and material resources
  • Deployment of a water, electricity or telecommunications network
  • Planning of advertising campaigns under budget constraints
  • Pricing for plane tickets, train tickets or hotel rooms

Mathematical Optimization and Operational Research are used in fields as varied as production, transport, logistics, e-commerce, energy, telecommunications, advertising and finance. XLOPTIM® is based on the efficiency of LocalSolver's optimization engine, proven for nearly 15 years by thousands of users in several hundred organizations - companies, administrations, schools and universities. Beyond the power of the optimization engine, XLOPTIM® users will benefit from experienced, dedicated and responsive customer support, provided by the Addinsoft and LocalSolver teams, whether to model and best solve their most complex optimization problems or to create suitable course materials for students.